The Death of Jesus
According to the Bible, Jesus' death was an event that had and has a universal impact. Jesus death has changed the course of human history, permanently.

The fact of his death is a surprise. If Jesus really is the Son of God, then why should he ever die? The Bible claims that Jesus did die, and that his death is of supreme importance. However, even as you read this, you should remember that Jesus' death is not the end of the story, because Jesus died and rose again.
Did Jesus Really Die?
Jesus was arrested by the Jews because, as the Bible says, the religious leaders wanted do get rid of him. They did not like his teachings, and they obviously didn't take much notice of his miracles. The Jewish leaders accused and convicted Jesus as a blasphemer, because he claimed to be God.

The Jews had no authority to kill anyone, so Jesus was handed over to the Romans. Pilate, the Roman governor, questioned Jesus and found nothing worthy of death, but because of the cries of the crowd, committed Jesus to death by crucifixion. Pilate put a title on the cross, 'This is Jesus, the King of the Jews', which implies that Jesus was crucified because he claimed to be a king.

The soldiers mocked Jesus and treated him roughly, then led him outside the city and nailed him to a cross. They crucified Jesus, and watched as he hung on the cross.

After some time, a man called Joseph asked Pilate for the body. Pilate was surprised that Jesus was dead, and so he called for the soldier in charge of the execution, who confirmed that he was dead. So Joseph and some others took down the body and placed it in a tomb, after wrapping it in tomb cloths. Jesus was dead.

What really surprised Jesus' followers was that after three days, some women reported that they had seen him alive, and had talked with him. Some people try to tell us that Jesus didn't really die on the cross; and this is how the followers saw him alive afterwards.

The Bible states that Jesus died for sinners, even though he himself was sinless. This, it says, was to bring sinners to God.

There are no valid reasons for thinking that Jesus did not actually die on the cross.
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