Families and people of all ages are welcome at Grovely Christian Community Church. We are excited to see young and old people interacting, learning from each other and sharing Christian care and friendship. We encourage everyone to be involved and participate where they can.

How long is the Sunday morning worship service?
About 90mts (9:30 am to 11 am)

How frequently is the Lord’s table observed?
Every week in the Sunday morning worship service

What’s the Worship like?
Our worship is opened by a pre assigned leader who would bring in a specific thought/s through Bible reading, Songs and exultations and then would leave worship session open for the congregation to participate. The worship session ends by remembering our Lord by partaking from the Lord’s table.

Will there be a ministry from the word of God?
Yes, every week there would be ministry from the word of God for 30mts (10:30am to 11am).

What’s the Music like?
We use key board, Piano and Base drums to give the correct pitch and rhythm for the congregations to sing together for praising and worshipping our Lord.

What about parent with infants?
We do have a parent’s room, which has it’s own speaker and glassed window for parents with infants or children who needs to be special attention.

What about Yong Adults?
We have a weekly program each Saturday, we call it “Crossfire”. In addition to the usual weekly program, special Bible class series and other group activities like hiking, badminton games, beach activities etc. would also be organized. Our youth leaders are also the CYC camp coordinators and leaders and so the youths would be also encouraged to attend these camps.

What should I wear?
No dress code…. Dress comfortably and decently as we are gathering to be in the presence of the Lord.

What Denomination are you?
We are an assembly of believers with desires to follow the new testament Assembly practices and we are associated with “Christian Community Churches of Australia”.

Any community Activities?
Yes, we are a community church, striving to reach out to our neighbourhood and community through various activities like “RI” (Christian program in schools), mainly music (for mothers and infants),
Christmas shoe box program, needy family assistance program (as and when special needs are notified). In addition to these we also try to engage the
community through special events like “free car wash”, “Carols under the stars” and “screening of Origin game”.