The one who offers thanksgiving as his sacrifice glorifies me; to one who orders his way rightly I will show the salvation of God! — Psalm 50:23 ESV
When praying, are you better at saying “Please” or “Thank You”? Ponder that question for a few moments. Do you find yourself praying, “God, please _” or do you start your prayers with praise?

In my experience, it’s easier to ask God for something than to give thanks. Maybe it’s because the “please” seems more urgent than the “thank You.” You might ask Him for a clear cancer scan, relief from anxiety, provision for financial needs, help with a whiny toddler, or strength to get through a demanding day. He wants to hear our requests! But let’s praise as we petition. Make it a point to have thanksgiving on your lips as often as you raise requests to God. Not only is gratitude glorifying to God, it also reminds you of His faithfulness in the past and lightens your burdened heart; saying “thank You” recalls what you have already been given.
Be faithful to say “Please,” but be especially skilled at saying “Thank You.”
Father, thank You for always hearing and answering prayer.