No doubt, we have all been deeply affected by the horrific attacks and scenes in the Middle East. Israel is a tiny country surrounded by enemies who have wanted to eradicate them for the past 75 years since they were returned to their land and became a nation again. Why these attacks? When you think about it from a Bible prophecy perspective, Jesus said He would return to Jerusalem. Satan, in his arrogance, thinks he can stop that from happening by attempting to destroy Israel. Jerusalem has been destroyed 17 times and rebuilt 18 times in its 3000 years history. While Jews have lived in Israel for nearly 4,000 years, in that time, they have experienced exile, destruction and rebirth.

Yet, God keeps His promises. God fulfilled His promise to return the Jews to their land on the 14th of May, 1948, following the aftermath of the Holocaust during World War II. This was a long-awaited promise that finally came to fruition. While the terrorist attacks against Israel are heart-breaking, it has united the Jewish people who, for the past six months, were divided over Israel’s political leadership. Countries all over the world have shown their support, including Australia. And America is sending much-needed military help and ammunition. We must remember that while the war in Israel has caused much anxiety, it is part of the wars and rumours of wars spoken of in Bible prophecy. The important thing to remember is God’s plan is perfect. His desire is to reconcile humankind to Himself for all who accept Jesus as their Saviour.
Let us pray for the innocent, pray for the leaders directly involved, and most of all, let us stand together for the Gospel and Israel.