At the dawn of time, God needed someone He could trust to love His precious children. And so, God made a mother.
God said, “Life will often be harsh. I need someone with a gentle touch. Someone who can brush a tear from the downy cheek of a newborn and gauge a child’s temperature without the aid of a thermometer. I need someone who has a special knack for soothing, who can kiss away pain and soften blows. Someone who will hold her child’s hand firmly, until she has to release it, tearfully, on the first day of school.” And so, God made a mother.
“I need someone who will care enough to gather daffodils and put them in a vase, so everyone in the house can enjoy the first blooms of spring. Someone who will care enough to rummage through the mismatched sock pile, in hopes of finding a match. Someone who will make birthdays extra special, sing silly songs with her toddlers in the car, and who actually wants to go on a school field trip to the insect museum, just to be close to her child.”
God thought, “I need someone who will play Christmas carols on the piano. Someone who will decorate gingerbread houses with the kids and wrap gifts and deck the halls for Christmas, for nothing in all my creation will be able to make Christmas as special as a mother will.”
And so, God made a mother.