For teenagers 12yo+ to hang, play some fun games and engage in discussion about life and God.
Tuesday 7.00pm

What happens there?

At Crossfire we just love hanging out as friends. Our aim is to build a community of Christ-loving kids who encourage one another, challenge one another and help each other grow in their faith. We believe a strong, supportive community surrounding you is essential for growing your faith and tackling the challenges we face each and every day. This is what we have tried to grow at Crossfire. We’ve done this through a 3 step process. Firstly meeting together regularly with shared, team building, activities as the focal point. The kids come together because of this activity. Then through the engagement of that activity, they begin to get to know each other, recognize the shared interests they hold with one another, and realize they enjoy hanging out with each other. Then the second stage is where we can meet together simply because we enjoy hanging out with one another. The importance of the activity falls away into the background and the personal relationships take over as the ‘reason’ for meeting together. The third stage is, meeting together to encourage one another in Christ. This is ultimately our end goal. Have the kids arrive at a place in their relationship with one another where they are genuinely seeking to encourage one another in their faith and their relationship with Christ. We achieve this by increasing the focus we have on Christ each time we meet, and we end up in a place where we are meeting in order to discuss and learn more about Christ.

Typically we meet at the church every Tuesday night of the school term at 7:00pm where we play games, hang out, eat chips, (the boys usually end up tackling one another), and sit down for a bible study and discussion on the topic for that term.

Occasionally throughout the term or during the holidays, we’ll do a slightly different activity like climbing a mountain, surfing, canoeing, fishing or any other idea that comes up.
We’d love for you to join us.


Jared Grant
ph 0450 460 854

Carlie Wecker
ph 0411 594 788