Do you remember the feeling of opening a gift and just loving what you saw? I think the gifts we appreciate most are due to three things.
Firstly it is something that we need – we can put it to good use or appreciate its qualities.
Secondly, the gift fits our personality – it’s a reflection of who we are. Thirdly, the gift reinforces what we think the person giving the gift thinks of us. In other words, we know they care for us by the quality of the gift.

It’s intriguing that God’s gift to us of Jesus fits these three categories as well. Firstly, we need the grace and love Jesus brings us. Secondly, we were created by God to live in a relationship with Him – this suits how we were made.
Thirdly, the gift of Jesus demonstrates how much God loves us. He gave us Jesus so we might know Him. That’s a costly gift – the most generous gift we’ll ever know.